Worlds Sexiest and most Glamorous Finance Minister Hands out Candies to His Mates

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December 5, 2012 by richandrenee

All around good guy and lady killer Bill English shows that he’s no hold out when it comes to sorting his mates out. “Treasury’s spending on consultants is set to log a 1000% increase over five years” (Stuff).

Well known as the hunkiest finance minister in the history of the universe Bill proves that he’s not just a pretty face by generously flicking his mates and hangers on a cool $20 mil. When asked to comment Bill responded “well as you know when you’re gonna hock the loser public’s assets you have to hand a few titbits to your mates to make sure that they have some dry powder to pick up the bargains” he then went on to say “look when you’re this handsome the People are more than happy to have their assets stripped and my mates were a bit short of readies, I’m sure the chumps who voted for me will understand”.

Democracy you have to love it!



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