New evidence suggests that the drug war is just a thinly disguised front to smash R&R

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December 5, 2012 by richandrenee

We have been saying this for years Mr smarty pants Peter Dunne and now the latest leaked documents have confirmed it. The document starts off talking about P (of course P not some soft drug, just to get every ones hate and anger up) but if you read on it’s really about smashing an affiliation that expresses freedom ideas. The document was widely distributed in Wellington by Peter Dunne’s toadies in 2009 after being crudely doctored to replace R&R with: P, crack fiend, dirty bludger, and other phrases that raise the heckles of the masses. By an incredibly piece of luck we have obtained a very good quality undoctored copy of the original (here). Judge for yourselves.

IMGP6004photo: unrelated R&R


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