Master Vivisectionist and Hero of the Drug War Peter Dunne Fights to Save Kiwi Kids from Hell

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December 5, 2012 by richandrenee

Having enjoyed 30 years in parliament and being extremely adept at holding onto power regardless of which party he’s in and which party is in (that’s all of them now). Peter Dunne maintains that his greatest achievement is being there while New Zealand has gone from first world status to third.

Most of us would be happy with this but not our man Pete. Less known is his courageous fight against dirty druggies and dogs.

Before we go on R&R must confess that we owe a personal debt to the great man; his flyer campaigns have held us to account and kept us on the straight and narrow, without which we most surely would have fallen into the clasps of evil (very important background information here and here).

Anyway back to the story. Peter has promised that if he has anything to do with it a million dogs will die before a single Kiwi kid takes a puff on a joint or even worse pops a party pill. (long boring shit that pretty much sums up his stance).

Now that’s what we call a life time achievement Peter.

peter dunne 3

Be sure to tune in next week for our exclusive interview with the Right Honourable Peter Dunne.


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