Kiwi Man Mr Dazed Wakes up on the Right Side of Bed


December 4, 2012 by richandrenee

Reports out of New Zealand have been confused and hard to come by due to the ongoing John Key led banker occupation. Nevertheless R&R strive to get the truth and this morning we are proud to bring you direct from Wellington (city of sleaze) the latest from truth telling resister and one of our favourite sources …

Diamond Dazed-

“It went something like this … woke up this morning, heard the news on David Bain and was instantly … arrrgh … John Key does it again eh! Using all his Ministers as aces: John Banks, Bill English, Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata, and now Anne Tolley joins the pack! Talk about stacking the pack! I count that as 6 high cards, him inclusive, and he’s still got more up his sleeve!! He represents the Jolly Joker and what a mighty fine Jolly Joker he makes eh … can’t recall, can’t recollect, can’t remember, don’t remember, don’t recall, and even don’t know! When it comes to different issues like the cup of tea saga,, Waihopi, education issues, American spies in NZ, and now David Bain … huh?? Can’t believe this Joker …. I wouldn’t want to play the card game euchre or 500 against him!! ….. cause everyone who plays these games knows that when you play the Joker ….. Game Over ….. time to change the pack I would say!!!”

Great stuff Diamond, R&R appreciate this latest report and look forward to more.

bnz_460x230photo: unrelated NZ GIABO


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