Illustrious Supreme Leader and Provider of Sunshine John Key Reassures Silly Worrywarts.

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December 4, 2012 by richandrenee

With important meetings to finalise the transfer of power from the People to the far nicer Corporate Fascist State and with silly worrywarts making fools of themselves John the Great issued a dictate to ignore this fringe group of pinko lefties, libertarians, and other weird freaks “they’re wrong … people should ignore them”.

Backing up the Super Glorious Leader (not that he needs backing up as his words are pearls) was Sir Graeme Harrison, Chairman of the New Zealand International Business Forum “foreign investment of toilet paper oops I mean fabulous US dollars is important to New Zealand so the People can show their gratitude by going further into debt to John’s (praise be his) banking mates”. As we all know anyone who has such an important title as Sir Graeme can’t be wrong and it speaks volumes of both his and John Keys generosity to even acknowledge these deluded ingrates.

Furthermore the Great Leader in an act of unprecedented statesmanship kindly reassured the weirdo freaks that they would not starve after he and his mates carry off the country’s milk lamb beef and veges, by eating bugs. He then told the foolish losers that as of yet they have been unable to find a market for maggots so they have nothing  to fear as these will be available in supermarkets until such time that they do.

john k


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