Silver Flash Crash and Recovery


November 26, 2012 by richandrenee


The Crash                          The Recovery                   The Cover Up 


4 thoughts on “Silver Flash Crash and Recovery

  1. blindman says:

    what sort of theiving fuckery is this, pray tell?

    • richandrenee says:

      fukidontknow but loose lips sink ships

      • blindman says:

        ships do not sail by lips, loose or tight, alone. there
        are principles of dynamic buoyancy involved that
        transcend the motion and inflection associated with lips,
        or maybe not? you are familiar with stan rogers, yes?
        just in case …
        Stan Rogers – The Jeannie C.

        best to u

  2. Stephens says:

    Same with gold Gold Spot (FOREX:XAUUSDO) three day chart Thurs 11/22 to Sun 11/25…twice.

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